Tokyo Olympics: Robin Hanson (Swedish swim), Gennaro Di Mauro (Italy row)

Less than a week after the opening ceremony (although events will begin soon), many of the “Calmbians” haven’t been shown in Tokyo yet. I should start putting it all together, focusing on beginners and the least likely to get more coverage during matches.

This afternoon, the new position will feature two starters: Robin Hanson of Sweden joining Cal Men’s Swimming Club and Gennaro Di Moro of Italy joining Cal Men’s Rowing.

Robin Hanson

sport: I swim

Event: Men’s 100m freestyle, men’s 200m freestyle

his mom: Sweden

hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Olympic side: the first

age: 20 (April 2, 2001)

Calibration connection: Call the next student

Depending on what class of new swimmers Cal decides to return to (if any), Robin Hanson will likely be in the Golden Bears’ top 200 freestylers by 2021.

Hanson is the Swedish junior record holder in both the 100m and 200m freestyle at both the long track (like the Olympics) and the short track (like the NCAA, although they would be yards instead of meters).

Hanson earned his Olympic status by meeting Olympic standards at the European Championships in May when he finished seventh in the 200-meter final. His time of 1:46.50 would have taken him to seventh in the US Swimming Trials (where Cal College student Andrew Silskar finished fourth to earn a spot in the US Olympic relay with a time of 1:46.34), both of which showed how difficult it is to be an American Olympian, but also indicate how hard it is to be an American Olympian. The quality of this new student.

Today, I have been officially chosen to represent Sweden at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer. A dream come true 🙌🏽

Hanson will also compete in the 100m freestyle, but is unlikely to reach the semi-finals of this event.

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Next year, Robin Hanson will be Cale’s second quiet Swede as Bjorn Seliger enters his second season. Seliger will run the 50m freestyle for Sweden.

I am so excited to announce my commitment to swimming and studying at the University of California, Berkeley! Thank you to everyone who helped and believed in me all this time. Go beer 🐻

I expect great things from Robin Hanson on his next visit in Berkeley.

Gennaro de Mauro

sport: boats

Event: Male rowing boats

his mom: Italy

hometown: Italy somewhere (I can’t find any information about him)

Olympic side: First (November 8, 2001)

age: 19

Calibration connection: New student coming from Cal (Delayed admission by 1 year)

Gennaro Di Mauro finished fifth in the last three World Rowing World Cups. Young Italian rower مجد He may not yet be a serious contender for the Olympic medalBut he’s on the right track in a sport where athletes peak in their mid-twenties.

With all he’s already accomplished in paddling, Gennaro must have paddled for four years on Cal’s Varsity 8 boat.

Good luck to both Robin and Gennaro in Tokyo!

Go bears!

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