Tokyo Kabukicho Tower, a new entertainment center, will debut in 2023

New entertainment projects directly refer to 2023: Tokyo begins the new year, with redevelopment Shinjuku Central District, a famous entertainment and shopping center and huge skyscrapers, which will see the debut of a new imposing building housing entertainment and accommodation: Tokyo Kabukicho Tower, (progetto Tokyu Group e Tokyu Recreation Corporation).

The basic concept is to create a place where people can interact with each other and intertwine the future of the city, its culture and diversity thanks to the mix of social life. The project will include a complex of recreational facilities, including a Multiple cinema, 900 seat theater, 1500 seat concert hall and two different hotel brands. Completion is scheduled for January 2023 and the building will open there autumn of the same year.

In the meantime it is possible visit approx The whole neighborhood, also famous for being the scene of well-known films such as “Lost in Translation”, thanks to A set of interactive maps Made available free of charge by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the online platform trolley.

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