Toilet seat release: the story of this wonder sport

There are many strange and exotic sports around the world and one of these sports is related to the toilet seat which is used as an object to be thrown as much as possible, in this dedicated article we explain more about this sport.

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Tablet launch: the story

The history of this exotic sport is connected inextricably in a demonstration held in Georgia in the United States from 1996 to 2012 or redneck games.

These games It consists of many exotic sports And not quite common e Among these is the launch of the tabletwhich we can guess from the name consists in throwing the toilet seat as far as possible.

Since the first edition of these games, this particular sport has captured the attention of the participants, and famous personalities of the American show business have also played among them.

So it is a sport whose history is tied to the event and has not had a following since the last edition of the Redneck Games.

However, it has remained a popular sport due to its absurditya group of games that largely reflect the American style that always points out excesses.

One would think that someone could propose it again in the future but given the fact that it was born with other ‘sports’ designed specifically for that competition, it is hard to imagine the possibility of seeing it again.

Television coverage of the largest US televisions made him famous all over the world It is often named alongside other exotic sports found in the world.

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No special skills are needed, just a fair amount of strength to throw the tablet as far as possible in the hope that there are no stronger opponents who can beat your performance.

It is now a popular game in America to celebrate the Fourth of July or independence, it is an excellent pastime with friends, ideal for enjoying some laughter and having fun.

So tablet throwing is a hobby not a sport that was initially born as part of an event that has been a hit for many years with audience and participants alike, the first edition of the Redneck Games in 1996 was attended by 5,000 people, and now, it has been a hobby used to remember this specific event on occasions specific.

These types of games were also played in Canada, then The launch of the tablet has succeeded beyond the borders of the United States of America But she remained within the borders of her continent.

Currently it is not played officially anymore but we believe that there is no certain data on this matter, it is played unofficially in different parts of America and therefore this particular sport is still being played.

certainly It is a sport that makes you feel amazing and shows how there are no limits to human creativity Because only a human being can think of using something commonly used as a toilet seat like a spear and turning it into a sport.

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