TOI-1452b, the planet is completely covered in water 100 light years from Earth

This was discovered by an international research group that used the Tess telescope, located in Canada. The planet is 70% larger than the size of the Earth and revolves around a two star system

while in 100 light years from us, it could have been observed: TOI-1452b It is the planet discovered by the international research team led by Charles Kedio, a doctoral student at the University of Montreal, and the subject of an article published in the prestigious scientific journal. Astronomical Journal.

How was it discovered?

to make it possible The observation was a space telescope TES, installed on the Mont Megantic Observatory in Canada, and used specifically to search for new exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system. To gather more information The James Webb Telescope will also be usedWhich was just a few weeks ago The first great pictures have been released

August 27

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