Together we are greater than ever: the work of Cristian Liberino at Città della Scienza

Return to Naples, in the spaces of the Città della Scienza, the installation he created Christian Liberino to Reggia designer outlet for the McArthurGlen Collection On the occasion of the expansion carried out in October 2021.

“Together we are greater than before” is the name of the installation created by the Neapolitan artist to represent the values ​​of the largest outlet in southern Italy: union, sharing, sense of belonging, community and inclusion. And two years later it was donated to the city.

“Together we are bigger than before – he says Fabio Rinaldi, Director of La Regia Designer Outlet Centre – is the meaning of this work that sums up our values ​​well. The growth of our center, with the investments and thus the jobs created is the result of the great synergy and teamwork that we have initiated with the many realities that exist in the region. We are proud to be able to start a network and also collaborate with La Città della Scienza, above all the commitment that is carried out every day with the new generations”.

“We are delighted to welcome Christian Liberino’s artwork into the spaces of the Città della Scienza,” he continues. Riccardo Villari, President, Città della Scienza – Which carries several important meanings, starting with the name. Participation, Solidarity and Inclusion: the messages that we pass on daily to the new generations that visit our museum in addition to the importance of communication, synonymous with growth and development. An example is the collaboration in this case with the Reggia Designer Outlet, for which we are thankful.

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Located in the spaces of Città della Scienza, the outdoor installation is freely usable and consists of three human-height sculptures mounted on a circular mirrored base with a diameter of 2.5 metres. The three human figures are arranged in a circle, as if reviving an ancient group dance: arms outstretched, hands outstretched in a gesture of union and solidarity, touching each other. Below, on the ground, a large circle reflects the sky above, space and the “dancing” figures themselves, which are enlarged and changed. The invitation to interact with the work: the “Union Circle” is not closed, but leaves an opening open, a space still empty, designed to receive passers-by who wish to join the embrace of art. The work therefore presents itself as a device ready to be run through the active participation of the users, through the physical presence of their bodies, which, from time to time, will play a role to complete and modify the installation, interacting with the sculptures and reflecting themselves, together, in the great mirror of tomorrow.

They attended the opening ceremony Massimo Pica SciamaraVice President of the Italian Foundation for Bioengineering, Michael RussoDirector of the Department of Architecture at the Federico II University of Naples, as well as the author of the work, Christian Liberinol Fabio Rinaldi la regia and others Luigi AmodeoDirector of the Città della Scienza Science Centre.

About the McArthurGlen Group

The McArthurGlen Group, a leading European ownership, development and management of Designer Outlets, was founded in Europe by Kaempfer Partners in 1993. A leader in retail outlets in Europe, McArthurGlen has since developed 685,000 square meters of retail space. The company currently operates 25 designer outlets in 8 countries: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, with a total annual turnover of €5 billion. The centers are home to some of the most sought-after luxury and luxury brands and serve over 90 million fashion-conscious shoppers year-round in vibrant outdoor shopping environments. In 2013 McArthurGlen became a joint venture between Kaempfer Partners and Simon Property Group Co. (NYSE SPG), a leading global shopping, dining, entertainment and mixed-use destination center ownership. As part of its continued expansion, McArthurGlen will open its new outpost in early 2023: Paris-Giverny, the first and only designer outlet in western Paris.

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Science City It is the first and main Italian science center that for years has been carrying out permanent and temporary exhibition activities in the field of scientific culture and STEAM disciplines; didactic experiential activities with schools; Research and development of innovative teaching methodologies, contents and technologies. The structure has greatly expanded its exhibition areas with the opening to the public in 2017 of “CORPOREA – Interactive Museum of the Human Body” and a new planetarium. The Science Center carries out scientific publishing activities on a daily basis targeting the main reference targets: schools, families with children, youth and the elderly.

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