Tod’s Group travels to the stock exchange

The The Todd Group Nominate Chiara Ferragni is a member of the Board of Directors. The announcement came with a press release: “Believing in the importance of engaging with social commitment, solidarity with others, and sustainability with regard to the environment and dialogue with younger generations, Tod’s Group has appointed Chiara Verajni as a member of the Board of Directors. We are certain that Kiara’s knowledge of the young world can, along with the experience of the members of the Board of Directors. Building a think tank dedicated to it The projects focused on solidarity with othersWith a keen interest in the world of young people who need, as never before, to be heard. “ these Words by Diego Della Valle: “I am very happy Kiara Ferragni joined the board of directors of Tod’s. Kiara’s knowledge of the world of youth will definitely be precious. Moreover, together, we will try together to build solidarity and support projects for those who need it most, always raising awareness and engaging new generations in processes of this kind.” .

Kiara Ferragni comments on joining Todd

“I thank Diego Della Valle for his trust and respect towards me as a woman and manager. Joining Tod’s group This means giving my generation a voice with one of the world’s most Italian happiness“, Chiara Ferragni, the most famous Italian influencer in Italy and abroad, responded. After the announcement of Ferragni’s entry into Tod’s il The title flew to the stock exchange. On the 11th on Friday April 9th, the day of the announcement of Ferragni, it was By 5.9%.

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Virajni, my mom and her bikini daughters are driving social media crazy

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Virajni, my mom and her bikini daughters are driving social media crazy

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