Today’s Skoda Fabia is smarter than ever

The new Skoda Fabia is today, in its fourth generation, smarter than ever. The successful new model features up to 43 signature Simply Clever brand details, which made the Czech automaker famous, to make everyday life on the road easier for customers.

Five of these features Brand new in the Skoda range, while eight more are now making their debut on the Fabia, taken from the brand’s other cars. Innovations increase comfort on board, such as the removable cup holders between the front seats, and complement Skoda classics, such as the ice scraper with a tread depth gauge, located inside the fuel filler cap, and the ticket holder for payment. Parking and awning placed inside the driver’s door.

Depending on the trim level, the fourth generation of the Fabia now delivers Up to 43 of these smart features, now more than ever. For example, an innovative and flexible storage compartment is available as an option for the trunk. Attached to a side panel, it features a space-saving foldable design and can only be pulled out when needed to keep items in place inside the trunk.

In addition to the clip for a parking card or even for an ATM or credit card, there is also a flexible pen holder in the stowage compartment in the center console, items that help to hold it. Command inside the car. The Simply Clever solutions list also includes a sun visor, available as an accessory for the optional panoramic roof.

Skoda Fabia storage compartments

Skoda Fabia, storage compartments and smart solutions

A total of eight intelligent details were introduced as standard on other ŠKODA super models in the new Fabia and are available For the first time in a common subsystem. Among these is for example the multifunctional storage net, which can be attached under the boot lid and which provides the perfect storage space for coats or jackets and more. Also available Smartphone pockets, easily accessible, on the backrests of the front seats, already seen Octavia (new generation has been in Italy since last year) and Enyaq iV (4×4 electric SUVs also available); Card and coin compartments in the glove compartment help keep order and organization.

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The front passenger seat backrest can be folded down to allow particularly long items to be transported. The pattern is available in the version For the first time as an option for Fabia USB-C port on the interior rearview mirror, useful for powering the dashcam. The reading lights in the rear can be conveniently operated from the front – ideal for children traveling in the back seats. Smartphones can be recharged thanks to the phone box.

They are okay 43 The Simply smart functions are now available for Fabia, today more Innovative and comfortable This is never a detail that helps keep the cabin and luggage compartment clean.

Skoda Fabia New Smart Solutions

New smart solutions for the fourth generation of Skoda Fabia

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