“Today we were sarcastic, Romero is like a coach on the pitch”

Venice 1-0 Fiorentina, Zanetti: “Today we were sarcastic, Romero is like a coach on the pitch”

Francesco Forti – Photography by Antonio Friuli

“It’s an important victory against a really strong team that plays very hard. Today we put some quality as well, but it is normal that tactically we have to play a perfect match. We were pessimistic, unlike other games. Even numerical parity we did not risk anything and then our ghosts appeared dictated by a little experience.” These are Paul’s words Zanetti for microphones sky At the end of his success Venezia for every 1-0 On the Fiorentina. “My team is from outside the Italian league? The answer will come at the end of the season. To reach the goal you have to achieve victories like this. Romero has a lot of international experience and joined the group with great personality. Today he had to do a little but he did it well. He is a coach on the pitch. “We knew that with the tall Fiorentina defenders it was possible to make space for us. We interpreted it well. Bosio? He’s a hard-working guy who speaks little but knows Italian very well so he joined him right away. He’s already in the US national team.” It gives me a lot as a mezzalan.”

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