Tobacconists, FIT: “Corner Stop? Beware AWP License”

The combination of news vouchers and a public safety license is an essential combination. As is well known, the installation of gaming machines with cash prizes, which are also called AWP or news slot machines, must be accompanied by a public safety license. As a general rule, this is an 86 TULPS license, which It can be obtained by presenting a SCIA-approved commencement of activity report, usually to the SUAP of your municipality (at the Police Headquarters, in Sicily).However, the authorization must always be accompanied by the Prohibited Games Schedule, a document prepared by the Chief of Police and always certified by municipality, which contains a list of games that are prohibited to be organized or kept in any case by public and commercial institutions.” That’s what you write Italian Federation of Tobacco Experts On a note.

“If it is true that the license in accordance with Art. 86 TULPS is the main license to install AWPs, it is also true that it is not the only license. Indeed, those who have a valid license, that is, the license issued by the Commissioner of Police for Parking Betting, do not need to apply for another license: 88 TULPS governs both activities. A “valid license” 88 TULPS, it’s said, is not a talking number: the license is valid until revoked by the police command or until the corner activity for which it was originally released. In other words, if the corner fails , the 88 TULPS license also expires.And we all know the value of the old obsolete license: zero.

In numerical terms – continues FIT -, the case just described assumes a certain importance at the national level: the freezing of the bidding of the physical betting network, with the relaunching of extensions, year after year, for consideration (4,500 euros per point), for corners, and 7,500 for lounges ), gradually eliminating less-performing corners (think, for example, of racing corners, which are now almost completely suppressed). Consequences for any devices present at the tobacconist can be significant. Obviously there is no problem if in the tobacco shop, in addition to the 88 TULPS license, there is also a second 86 TULPS license (possibly a pre-existing one, obtained when SCIA or even an older DIA was introduced). In this case, the newsletters continue to be installed regularly, without any further formalities. Also because, in the absence of different provisions, public safety licenses have a permanent validity, regardless of the year in which they were issued.

The case where the corner license is the only license is different: losing bets, and therefore also the 88 TULPS license, will in effect render the venue without a valid license to keep the slots. What do you do in these cases? There are no alternatives: it is necessary to request a specific permit 86 TULPS from the competent authority, ie the municipality (at the police headquarters, if we are in Sicily). However, this process may not be painless in areas equipped with rangefinders. A stricter application of the legislation, in fact, could lead the municipality to not distinguish between cases of “new installation” and “new machinery”, from the case of “issuance of a new license”, for machines already on the premises. A non-trivial explanatory critical, against which the Syndicate Totoricevitori Sportivi collided several times, with variable results according to the specific municipality, trying to offer the necessary assistance to the members who find themselves in this situation. However, it is certainly a compulsory passage: the installation of devices without the necessary authorization is a very serious violation and, as already mentioned, which, in addition to a very heavy economic penalty, could lead – at the discretion of the administration – to the same as the revocation of the tobacco license “, concludes the Italian Federation of Experts tobacco.

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