Tobacco, Totoriceivitori Sportivi Syndicate: “Cancel the corner of the game, pay attention to the AWPs license”

“The end of the playing corner contract due to the withdrawal of the concessionaire is not without consequences. In fact, not collecting bets means the end of the validity of the relative public safety license in accordance with Article. 88 of the Consolidated Text of the Public Security Laws. Therefore, if there are slots inside the stopped corner and the said license The aforementioned 88 is the only one owned by its owner, the latter will not have permission to maintain the machines.In this case, it will be necessary to contact the relevant municipal office and submit a SCIA (start-up report) in order to issue the specific authorization for the installation of the openings provided for in Art. 86, paragraph 3 , from TULPS”. This is what he writes in the note Sports Receivers Association.

It should be noted that direct application for this license may not be accepted in areas where the installation of entertainment machines is related to the distance of the room from sensitive places specified in the regional legislation. In other words, if the position of the tobacconist does not allow compliance with the imposed distance limits, he will be Refusal to issue License 86 with the consequence, for the owner, of having to remove the devices by dissolving the relevant contracts with the licensee and with the manager of the same.However, the alternation between the no longer valid License 88 and License 86 continues to be noted- It will not be necessary in the event that the licensee possesses a previous license issued by the municipality pursuant to Art. 86 TULPS Paragraphs 1 and 2 (Supply of Food and Beverages) or for a specific installation of amusement machines (paragraph 3).This situation may affect all outlets that have been revoked by the gaming franchisor We therefore invite colleagues who identify themselves in this situation to check for the presence or absence of permits and, if so, to contact FIT-STS for assistance with compliance Matt may consider it useful to settle the fixation of the time slots,” the note concludes.

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