To test several hospital workers and runaway interns. “We can’t take it anymore” –

Many doctors who are no longer youngcoming from hospitals now on their last legs, or who Specialized schools , will become an increasingly complex obstacle course (of low wages and turbulent schedules). not only, therefore, Graduates are on the right track For a profession that is no longer as desirable as it used to be. that general practitioner. more and more in crisis, Among the thousands of patients to follow and the increasingly strict bureaucracy.

It is the picture that appears from the participants in General Practitioners CompetitionWhich took place today, Wednesday, throughout Italy.

test – it There is no minimum score Works to grant access to a three-year scholarship. But, starting from the first year, students will already be able to start opening a clinic and follow up on patients (the maximum number varies from region to region).

 «New» General Practitioners. But certainly not young. to Milan, where there were 647 test participants for 464 places, only a third of them were under 35 years old. There were even 88 aspiring doctors over fifty (and three over 60). Most of them are women. In total, prof 444 students took the test, twenty fewer than the available places. They can already celebrate: They’ll all make it to the scholarship. However, the one with the highest score will be able to choose the destination. â € Have we all really been through it? So now I have to decide what to do: I did not expect this, ”says the oncologist at the Milan Hospital. I was hired 20 years ago. But this job is no longer compatible with family life. Moreover, I believe that with my specialization and experience in the hospital, I can offer a lot, in the field, as a general practitioner.”

In Italy there is a serious shortage of doctors with this number.From 2019 to today, their classes are closed at a rate of two per day due to retirement or other reasons. Thus, those who remain find themselves with a number of patients well above average. The most dangerous situation is in northern Italy. In Rome, 577 doctors have applied for 229 positions to take the test. ‘ Don’t take any pictures of us We are all hospitals in disguise »But not so much jokes for a lad in his thirties. Lorenzo, 33, an emergency room physician on a permanent contract, stops by to talk. “The wages are starving – he says – the shifts are stressful and under these conditions the quality of life suffers as well.” To give more details, Irene Matzuki, 31, says: «I tried to specialize in gynecology at the first Umberto clinic, in the first week I completed 84 hours when the contract was 36I’ve seen my mates come down from the night and be called back on the morning shift while they were still at the bar having breakfast.”

33-year-old Francesca Cedula, rheumatologist, employed for three years in ASL Rome 5 tells about the ER: “We have 12-hour shifts, there is so understaffed that I can’t ask for a sick day, and then there’s the nightly retreat practice that can’t be done but instead is done. I already have a VAT number For private specialist visits, at this point I prefer working alone.” Then there’s geriatrician Laura Parlanti, 43, twenty of whom have had a precarious job: “I worked as a medical janitor, in nursing homes, I did prosthetics, domestic medicine, everything. Now I just want some stability.

to PaduaOn the other hand, for the 392 available places, there were nearly three hundred (out of 339 registered). There’s Deborah Bettino, a 38-year-old Venetian woman who, after earning a master’s degree in forensic medicine and continuity of care, realized that “The relationship with the patient is the most important thing, and it is the GP who can create a stronger relationship.” It doesn’t matter if you work ten or twelve hours a day: “It depends on how you choose to be a doctor, healing is a mission.” Rebecca Luisa Peluso left her gynecological specialty in November and began performing prostheses at a regional clinic: «And spending nights and weekends, with a good salary, can also allow me to build a familyto”.

he have Vanessa Oshrem, 28 years oldVeronese, residing in Chioggia, who He left his maxillofacial surgery residency before starting his third year: «Sometimes the general practitioner is considered a second-class doctor, but this is wrong. Constantly following up on the patient and managing the surgery is challenging but gives a lot of satisfaction because the trained doctor knows how to give a lot to his patients. There are those who regard family medicine as “the true meaning of care” and those who seek new challenges: “I graduated in the past millennium, I work in surgery and I have many avenues open to me – he admits a candidate at the exit -. I will decide when the result comes, but it’s not a gap: it’s noble profession ».A general practitioner – he adds a young man of thirty – can make a huge difference to society. But politics must understand how important this figure is, the front of public health in the region ». And so, while many leave the village clinic, there are also those following it: for a life less complicated to organize

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