To stimulate the flowering of calla lilies and make them beautiful and fragrant, here is a nutrient-rich fertilizer to give in pots

Spring is an exciting season for more than one reason. Let’s think about how the surrounding landscape will be illuminated with the flower cascades that are now blooming. In fact, the There are many flower varieties to focus onEven if a few of them are as elegant as the calla lily. The name is derived from the Greek word “kalos” (beautiful), while they are also known as lilies of the Nile.

Anyone who has had a beautiful pot of calla lilies in the garden or on their balcony knows that without the right precautions, they won’t be able to grow. In this regard, in addition to soil and watering, we must know which fertilizer to use.

To stimulate the flowering of calla lilies, an ideal fertilizer must ensure the correct supply of nutrients necessary for development. We found it and we will reveal it in the following lines.

Growing Tips

Calla is valued for its elegant funnel shape and the pleasant aroma that it emits. To enjoy all its advantages, we must first pay attention to exposure. In the hottest times, such as the afternoon, you should stay out of the sun. However, in the remaining cases, we can safely leave it in direct light.

Another essential factor is related to irrigation. Calla lilies love moist soil, but they are not particularly soaking. First of all, we avoid letting the substrate dry out and water only if we see fit. However, let’s try not to use hard and lime water like tap water.

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To stimulate the flowering of calla lilies and make them beautiful and fragrant, here is a nutrient-rich fertilizer to give in pots

Potted callas cannot charm us with their gorgeous blooms without the right fertilizer. When shoots appear or near the middle of spring, it will be necessary to give the correct feeding once a week. In this case, we can choose two different solutions.

If we already have geranium fertilizer at home, we can give it a try. It should also be good for Kali. If we still have to buy it, let’s prefer a particular one. Let’s move on to a product that is low in nitrogen but rich phosphorous and potassium.

In addition to the three main nutrients, it should also contain a good dose of iron, copper, zinc and other valuable micronutrients. However, finding such a product is not so difficult, especially in the most equipped nurseries.

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