To save on your water bill just be careful of these things

When we get an expensive water bill, we often think about a leak. Unfortunately, the reading is correct in most cases. There is no leakage and we used very little water. But you cannot understand why. Because it is difficult to know how much water we are consuming each day, and that in the most ordinary gestures such as bathing. Or brush your teeth.

To save on your water bill just be careful of these things

We’ve already talked about the ProiezionidiBorsa staff How to save on your electricity bill. Today we’ll be dealing with what needs to be done to save water as well. Just pay attention to a few daily gestures that can make your bill go up without realizing it.

The first thing that might seem trivial is to turn off the faucet when we are brushing our teeth. Wasted water really is a lot, even if we don’t notice it. Getting used to turning off the faucet when we’re brushing our teeth will save money. By letting the water run, about thirty cups are wasted. For the shower, it’s a little more complicated, because it feels cold if you turn off the water while we’re doing the soap. So the most beneficial thing is to take a quick shower. Avoid spending too much time underwater.

Do not wash vegetables and fruits under running water

Same principle as brushing your teeth. There is no need to rinse fruits and vegetables while the water is running. Just let them soak in a bowl of baking soda. Then rinse them off quickly. This will eliminate any residue from Insecticides And bacteria without wasting water.

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The other thing that takes up a lot of water is the toilet flush. We are often accustomed to throwing cotton swabs or makeup remover tablets down the toilet. Then we flush the toilet more often than necessary. Putting a trash can in the bathroom and throwing this waste away is the most beneficial thing to do.

Finally, avoid using hot water for cooking. It is very convenient to put the pasta pot in already hot water, and it will boil sooner. So we think about saving on gas, and instead we have to think that to get hot water the boiler is running. So it is best to use cold water and wait a little longer.

Last but not least is the drip faucet. Or even a toilet that takes too long to flush. Either way, it’s best to fix it right away. Because it will affect in the long term the use of water. Better not to delay.

And here, to save on your water bill, just be wary of these things. Not only to save your bill, but also to reduce water waste. Helping the environment and living a greener way by changing some little habits.

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