Titan, according to a Spanish expert “the victims understood for a moment that they were dying” –

victims Titanthe submarine exploded in the Atlantic Ocean while trying to reach Titanic wreckThey may have realized their end. perhaps they understood, For a minute too long (in more detail between 48 and 71 seconds)who were about to die. This was stated by the Spanish expert on submarines Jose Luis Martin, citing daily Mail.

According to Martin The submarine lost stability due to electrical failure, a failure that denied him the thrust needed to return to the surface. And so Titan was falling towards the bottom of the sea “like an arrow vertically”, with the porthole facing down.

Again according to the Spanish expert, The submarine started its free fall at a depth of about 1,700 metres. It fell “like a stone and without any control” for about a thousand metres, until it “burst like a balloon” due to the rapid change in pressure, after another 2,600 metres. Shortly before the end, the entire electrical system was blown.

passengers on board, five, They were on top of each other, terrified, in complete darkness.. Titan lost its tracks on June 18th. A massive rescue operation has been launched to find him. After a few days it was cleared The implosion hypothesis. Then the first wreckage that destroyed any hope was found.

there Boston Coast Guard He had announced, on the evening of 22 June, the discovery of the same wreck 500 meters from the Titanic Arch. “Presumed human remains” have also been found inside Titan’s small basin. “There is still a lot of work to be done to understand the factors that led to the catastrophic loss of Titan and to ensure that a similar tragedy does not happen again,” said Jason Neubauer, chair of the Naval Investigation Board.

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It was picked up by the US Navy, using data from a secret network of sensors created to detect enemy submarines “An anomaly that may indicate an implosion or explosion” Just in the hours when Titan was lowered into the depths.

The data, along with information from observation aircraft and buoys, served to pin down Titan’s approximate location and was reported to the Coast Guard during the search.

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