Tire stickers: The news comes to Europe from May 2021

February 19, 2021

The innovations that will take effect from May 2021 will be introduced to help consumers choose the right tire. A more careful and conscious decision. There will be new, unpublished icons and digital tools, able to simplify the selection process.

Therefore, soon, automobile tires will be recognized with more sophisticated tools and through scanning readers, which will allow to highlight the characteristics and characteristics of each tire in a simple way. It’s about innovations and additional information for the end customers, and giving them tangible help. So let’s see briefly below, All news about new European tire labelsAnd the The measure is already expected at the beginning of the summer of last yearBut, as we said, it will come into force a May 2021. You will see the new label:

  • New classes of roll resistance and wet braking for each type of tire;
  • New noise level indication based on the number of decibels emitted (letters A, B, or C);
  • Consumers will be able to scan the QR code On the label, in order to get all the additional information about the tire type, thanks to the European database;
  • We’ll see two pictograms, which will indicate whether the tire has a grip on snow according to EU homologation standards (you’ll see a snowflake symbol), and whether it guarantees grip on snow (according to the new ISO standard).

Information to report on both tires And on all C3 heavy-duty vehicle tires. Ratings A to C remain the same. C1 and C2 tires (for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) that previously fell into the E-Class for rolling resistance and grip in moisture, will move to the D-Class, which has not been used before. Tires that were previously part of the F and G-Class will now enter the E-Class. The new tire labeling system should be easier and more understandable.

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Scanning the QR code we have already mentioned will make every user access Europeo database EPREL, the European Energy Label Product Register, which contains information sheets for all tire models marketed in the European Union. Each producer should update the product information sheets gradually, in order to assign them to the relevant label category.

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