Tintiland and MoliseCinema, the combination amazes Casa del Jazz

Tastings of authentic Molise wines, the venues of the Casacalenda Festival and the concert by violinist Luca Ciarla gave rise to the artistic and regional marketing initiative organized in Rome.

from Maurizio Cavalier

We really love the combination of tintilia with regional art and culture. And if the mix takes place in the halls of Rome’s Casa del Jazz, starring some of Molise’s most famous and highly regarded musicians and cultural operators, the effect will be truly intoxicating, like a fine glass produced with an authentic rustic juice. Vine mollies.

On Friday evening, taste Tintilla Tenot Campi Valerio, which was owned by Prince Pignatelli of Monterodone, looking at a selection of 2021 MoliseCinema shorts, curated by director Federico Baumeer. These are the titles of Italian and International Business: In Hairdressing by Guy, UK, 5′; The Nightwalk by Adriano Valerio, Italy, 15 min; Arte no dique by Nicola Zedo, 12; Drops by Simone d’Angelo, 10 d. The video summarizing the latest edition of the festival scheduled each year, in August, was also shown at Casacalenda.

On the other hand, the Romanian event at the heart of the regional artistic and regional marketing project, co-financed by the Molise region, has placed not only original Molise wines but also various forms of entertainment enhanced by Molise’s rigorous professionalism. The event, which ends tonight, is sponsored by Fiolipiano Music for musician and producer from Termoli Luca Ciarla (photo). P. Suryani below), who personally decorated the evening with a violin concert and pre-recorded backing tracks. A precious moment on a cultural level, she also “enjoyed” the very kind and popular Molise actress Maria de Biasi, who attended with her life and work partner Corrado Nozo. Not only Molise to drink in the beautiful garden that surrounds the Casa del Jazz in Rome, formerly known as Villa Osio, which was bought by the cashier of Banda della Magliana and confiscated by the same criminal mafia organization in 2001 and allocated to the municipality Rome. In 2005 opening.

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