Tingling in the Hands or Feet: Here’s when to worry and what to look out for

Tingling in your hands and feet can be worrying in some cases: then you should not underestimate the situation.

Everyone can feel tingling in the hands and feet. It is a fairly common condition, which occurs after paresthesia of a limb which tends to affect the fingers and fingertips or the entire hand and foot.

Tingling in the hands and feet –

Faced with a partial loss of sensitivity one speaks of hypoesthesiaif instead it is complete, it is called anesthesia.

There are different types of numbness that can be more or less serious, depending on what kind of sensation you’re feeling. Tingling is usually accompanied by a sensation Pins or needles stuck in the skin.

This phenomenon can have several origins:

  • tense;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • diabetes;
  • Neurological diseases;
  • autoimmune disease;

Tingling in the hands and feet: This is the time to worry

Tingling in the hands and feet can have several causes. As children, it will happen that everyone feels the Numbness in the foot or hand. In most cases it was a condition of neurological origin dictated by nerve crushing, due to incorrect posture.

Numbness of the extremities –

This phenomenon can also occur in adults, again for the same reason. However, one must beware of tingling in the hands and feet which may have consequential causes from inflammation of the spine.

Living an excessively sedentary life, using improper chairs, or being overweight can favor it Nerve compression and identification of numbness symptoms.

But, as we’ve seen, there can be Even for more serious reasons Which has nothing to do with pinching nerve endings.

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It is appropriate to worry about tingling in the hands and feet, when the loss of sensitivity lasts for a long time and is accompanied by a tingling sensation. temperature change from the affected area.

One should also be concerned if there is a change in the temperature of the hands and the color of the fingers, accompanied by numbness. or if you come to Big change in strengthSuch as the inability to carry things or stand up straight.

Finally, numbness in one area of ​​the body is a wake-up call if a loss of sensation occurs On the face and body, so not on the parties. Even if the condition is accompanied by enuresis or loss of anal reflex.

In all these cases, it is advised to go to the emergency room and seek medical advice to check the root of the problem.

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