Tingling in the feet and pain in tight shoes may be alarm bells for this bunion

Twitching is a phenomenon that occurs if there Altered perception of sensitivity. The medical term is paraesthesia, although it is known as tingling, although it is a medical manifestation of it.

Usually, tingling will not be a cause for concern. For example, it so happened that everyone slept on one arm for several hours. When we wake up we actually feel numb and tingly.

In this case, we should not panic, because the sensitivity we talked about earlier was “lost” due to the long position taken. Thus, if we feel a tingling in the left arm, in this particular case, there is no need to worry.

However, if there are other symptoms with numbness in the left arm, we recommend seeking help, as it can be one More serious problem. In the case of tingling in the feet and pain in narrow shoes, if this happens frequently, we recommend that you see your doctor, as it could be a benign tumor.

Morton’s neuroma

First of all, a neuroma is a benign tumor that finds its origin in the cells lining this nerve, which are connected to the nerves. There are different classifications of neuromas, depending on which nerve is affected. Here, we will discuss interdigital neuroma or, also known, Morton’s neuroma.

This bunion affects the nerves in the toes and can affect one or both feet. In general, the affected fingers are from the second to the fourth. As expected, the alarm bells can be tingling in the fingers which, in some cases, can turn into a burning sensation, as well as a feeling of pain especially with tight shoes.

However, it must be specified that for it to be an interdigital neuroma, the sensation of numbness and pain must be felt frequently. Therefore, if we feel this sensation from time to time, it may be due to an incorrect posture for a long time.

However, we always recommend that you notify your doctor. Do some checks As a form of prevention it is the right choice to try to avoid potential future problems.

Tingling in the feet and pain in tight shoes may be alarm bells for this bunion

Your doctor will determine the cause of your foot pain. However, Higher Institute of Health It is suggested that in the case of Morton’s neuroma, MRI and ultrasound would not be appropriate tools, due to false positives or negatives.

If the doctor discovers the true cause of the tingling, which is this benign tumor, he may prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy or corticosteroid therapy. He can also prescribe natural remedies, if the manifestations appear for a few days or months, such as ice packs. The doctor may also decide to resort to surgery if the previously prescribed treatment does not have the desired effects.

In any case, we always recommend that you contact your doctor, as this article does not replace your opinion.

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