Timken, from the decisive shutdown to the agreement to restart

It was a lightning bolt out of blue what July 19 The last blow is me Timken workers. L ‘The agreement of the last few hours It was instead the result of a month-long and at times arduous feud, in which the constant supervision of the workers carried considerable weight, perhaps not only symbolic.

Three months are pending at the Timken factory in Villa Karsina. To the uttermost tears, from anguish before, from joy now.

On the basis of the agreement, the work of unions and local institutions that in a few days got into a confrontation with the multinationals. Without success at first. Well, later schedule Compared to the advantage.

They all tried to find a solution: da Confindustria Brescia To the Bishop of Brescia, Mgr. Pierantonio Tremolada, who visited the garrison on August 15. The leaders seemed adamant. So much so that on August 25, dismissal procedures for all employees began.

Meanwhile, the fate of the employees of the triumplino plant is divided: 30 workers find another jobThe other 70 hope instead that a miracle will happen.

NS The miracle has arrived A few days before the date the layoffs were supposed to begin. An agreement that may leave those workers who feared the worst and can now breathe a sigh of relief. At the end of what is a story, for once, with a non-bitter ending.