Time spent researching content and influencing users

TikTok occupies an increasingly important place in the daily lives of its users. © Tik Tok

To see how users see the time they spend in the app, TikTok has created a studio In collaboration with Kantar with more than 7000 people and in 8 countries (France, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy and Indonesia).

Time spent on TikTok

According to the study, users are spending more and more time on TikTok, at the expense of other entertainment sources. In fact, over 35% of users surveyed said they spend less time watching TV, but also less time listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading… They’ve been on TikTok ever since.

The interest that its users direct to TikTok is also impressive: 46% of respondents said they watch the platform’s contents without being distracted.

Motivational and educational videos

To understand why some types of content work better than others, you have to worry about what content your users want. So TikTok strives to identify the videos that are most attractive to her and most inspiring to her.

Among the main trends cited by the study are educational videos, but also those that allow you to find inspiration for cooking, makeup, crafts, or even travel.

60% of users say they learned new things from TikTok videos. © Tik Tok

The study also indicates that more and more users are using the app as a means of sharing and sharing. Many people use it with friends or family, to share videos, complete challenges or share directions.

67% of users share videos with their friends or family. © Tik Tok

How does TikTok affect user behavior?

To determine the positive or negative impact of the app on its users, TikTok questioned the link between time spent on the app and consumer sentiment. According to the study, the results were positive with more than 80% of the participants saying they would like to spend the same or more time on TikTok in the future.

Engagement is also very powerful: 92% of respondents say they take an action (like, comment, share, follow, or search) after watching a video. Another interesting fact for brands who want to communicate on the platform, almost 25% of users confirm that they search for products after seeing TikTok.

Sharing is very powerful on TikTok. © Tik Tok

Generation Z is the most present

Unsurprisingly, younger generations are driving the app, especially Generation Z (born after 1996). They are also the ones that generate the most purchases on TikTok in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Generation Z is the most present in the application. © Tik Tok

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