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renewal schedule bypass From status became alive. L ‘i want, the government agency that deals with GovernmentHe sent the unions a first draft with his proposals to start the discussion. The first point that will be addressed is about him smart work. From the beginning of the document sent to the social partners, a clear break from the past was marked, when agile work was defined as with yellow and green government and under the leadership of then Minister of Public Administration Fabiana Dadon a ‘normal’ way of getting work done. However, it has been clarified in the draft contract that it is only “one of the possible ways to carry out the performance of work”. But above all, it was specified that smart work “aims at improving public services and organizational innovation while ensuring work-life balance”.

She says it is up to individual departments to determine which jobs can be done in an agile manner. Excluded are “shift jobs and those that require constant use of non-removable equipment”. In short, not all employees will be able to work remotely. But after all, the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, made it clear that flexible working would not be a subjective right. However, the contract stipulates that departments set “priority criteria” for access to smart work. Among the categories to be given priority, three categories are indicated in the draft contract. The first is for parents who have children under the age of three. The second is disabled workers in difficult situations. The third are the so-called “caregivers”, that is, employees who help family members with disabilities and in difficult situations. As mentioned, it will be up to the individual departments in agreement with the trade unions, to decide which other categories should be allocated a preferential path.

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But perhaps the most innovative chapter is the one on “Expression of Performance and Right to Separate”. The day, for the entire 24-hour period, will be divided into three bands. There will be an initial period of time, during which the worker must be ready to work immediately and, accordingly, able to start the required tasks and activities within a very short time. This “Scope 1” is necessary for the purposes of coordinating with other members of the organization, for receiving indications and directions regarding the implementation of work or, in any case, for organizational needs, functions and effectiveness in the provision of services. Then there will be a second period of time (“Scope 2”) during which the worker can be contacted by phone, e-mail or other similar methods, but immediate operation will not be required. Finally, there will be class ‘Scope 3’, where the worker cannot provide any service (including the prohibition of night work). The draft also states that during smart work, additional work, shift work, travel, availability and inappropriate work cannot be requested. Which is likely to make the relevant economic allocations disappear. Meanwhile, last Friday the Agile Work Observatory Technical Committee, chaired by Aran President Antonio Nadeau, met. The committee also studies and evaluates the best experiences that have matured in the private world and that can also be replicated in the public.

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