Time constraints for fixed network contracts: here are the possible changes

Some rumors are leaking online about an update of the legislative decree by which Italy will implement the European Union Directive 1972/1918, between the lack of time for fixed network contracts and the lack of functionality on the free modem for FTTH subscriptions

News of the Legislative Decree transferring the EU Directive 1972/2018 (AdobeStock)

Some rumors have been circulating on the internet in the past few hours and I anticipate the notable news that will inspire Legislative Decree Implementation of the European Electronic Communications Act (EU Directive 1972/2018). In fact, as I mentioned before day, the imprint of the new measure will be based on a basic guiding principle: the maximum contractual commitment period No more than 24 months.

The legislative decree defines first and foremost the stipulated telephone contracts between the operator and the consumer It cannot exceed the maximum period of twenty-four months. Therefore, the earlier, stricter approaches, which would have led to the emergence of a restriction lasting only one year: the government actually chose a somewhat “softer” line, agreeing to some of the opinions that emerged pending legislative action. While it is true that the operators will in any case have to provide for the possibility of committing themselves to twelve months among their offerings, it is clear and even in some respects clear to suppose that this time distinction will counterbalance the completely mismatched rates.

As explained by the same source, the inclusion of a contractual obligation is interpreted as a desire to push toward the obligation FTTH Spread Network. Essentially, the absence of a maximum contractual commitment period would have been an obstacle to the timely transition to a more robust and up-to-date communication standard when the latter reached the user’s home, possibly still linked to the legacy copper. In this sense, we remind you that the total extension of the FTTH network is planned for 2026.

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Concerns about free modem for FTTH subscriptions

Limited time fixed network contracts news
Some critical issues related to the regulatory framework for modems in FTTH subscriptions (AdobeStock)

In the legislative decree, on the other hand, the question of Free modem for FTTH subscriptions, with the risk of using the modem router as an indirect mechanism to keep the customer close to their ranks, discouraging relay due to the economic costs that would be incurred. For their part, telephone operators claim that fiber-optic network terminations are part of their proprietary network, and are therefore non-standard.

But not only that, because as the source pointed out, there seem to be no details regarding modem installments At the maximum contractual period of 24 months. The situation that may arise is not at all clear: if it is true that the “subscription insurance” cannot exceed two years, then what will happen to the modem instead? The danger, in this case, is that the payment in modem installments can continue beyond the maximum time of 24 months, with a pronounced worsening of the consumer’s position.

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In any case, it is still a stray issue, which is why it seems necessary to wait for the official information to clarify the matter definitively.

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