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a subscriber base For A series package. don’t grow up As expected. Unofficial estimates suggest there is a crossover between 550,000 and 700,000 users For Team Football Pack When the targets were at least twice higher, as I mentioned before Corriere della Sera. The phenomenon of piracy is still widespread: it is estimated that at least 20% of access to live football takes place Through hacked personal files With the new phenomenon of selling on Telegram passwords for use on a second device. And then the digital turning point in the consumption of sports content has just begun: the total audience in Italy in the premium segment has not exceeded 4.5 million users over the years, although the average audience for Dazn was about 6 million. devices. Use over the fixed network It’s a cultural leap Also for some last mile infrastructure issues with the use of fiber and IT in data centers. Hence the need to Convention review which Tim and Dazen acquired the rights to Serie A between now and 2024. The phone group put on the board about 340 million a year for the next three: a billion bill. Net investment to drive commercial and infrastructure offerings, quantifiable this year at at least 70 million. Yesterday, the Tim’s Control and Risk Committee was examining the file. Under these conditions, the investment in 3 years will exceed $2 billion. a Excessive spending Subscriber base.

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