TIM, Trento’s copper grille shutdown starts

It starts from Trento Process TIM copper net shutdown in Italy. Center Mattarillo, Serving the area south of the city, is there The first central nationally Fully connected fiber with Optical Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology Consequently, all clients served by the exchange will be able to migrate to the new network with the ensuing consequences “Extinguish” Dale Ram.

Thanks to this process, the plant will work directly with homes and offices Connections up to 1 Gigabit. The initiative was announced on the occasion of the signing of the Digital Cooperation Agreement signed by Maurizio Vogatti, President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Franco Yaniseli, Mayor of Trento, and Luigi Gobitussi, CEO of TIM.

Thanks to the completion of the Matarillo plant in FTTH, which It serves about 2,000 phone lines in District 8 of the cityIn this context, TIM intends to promote the transition to ultra-broadband services for all customers this infrastructure serves, including those who have other operators. The migration will be done gradually based on customer subscriptions.

TIM, meanwhile, is continuous on Optical fiber development plan in the Autonomous Province. During the past year, network modernization interventions have been implemented in 95 municipalities to connect more than 100,000 real estate units, thus raising the total number of homes and offices added by broadband to 170,000. The company started, too FTTH cable program in nine citiesIn addition to Trento, the plan will include Rovereto, Penzulu, Canazi, Tre Ville, Bergen Valsugana, Riva del Garda during this year, and in 2022, Isira and Volano.

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“As the process of closing the copper grid begins, we start writing A new chapter in the history of communications in ItalyReaffirming our commitment to the desire to be an integral part of the country’s innovation and digitization process, said Luigi Jupitussi, CEO of TIM. “So let us start from Trento, a privileged Italian municipality, to say, on a voluntary basis, customers towards the new ultra-fast fiber networks. We are convinced that with the consolidation of this process, which will gradually affect the entire national territory, we will accelerate the process of digitization of citizens, companies and public administration. At the same time, we prefer to develop those digital skills necessary to return to growth in Italy at the international level. ”

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