Tim-Open Fiber, Agreement Worth Over 200 Million For White Areas

The commercial agreement signed between Tim (via Fibercop) and Open Fiber is worth over 200 million which will allow A wholesale company led by Mario Rossetti to access a mix of infrastructure – Between those above and those near the houses – to Push infrastructure in white areas to avoid duplication.

As predicted in recent days by CorCom, therefore, there is no criticality with Kkr: The US fund, which owns 37.5% of Fibercop shares, gave Approval of the agreement during the Board of Directors today. TheThe commercial agreement, although separated from the individual TLC network plan, is nonetheless considered important: Fibercop and Open Fiber “enemies” become partners and represent the agreement The first step towards completing a fixed network asset integration plan, the so-called newco network.

The memo between Tim and CDP (Open Fiber’s major shareholder with 60% and Tim’s stake with approximately 10%) aims to “initiate negotiations with a view to arriving at the text of a Memorandum of Understanding intended to define the objectives, perimeter, structure, key evaluation criteria and criteria related to the integration project,” Tim announced in a memorandum dated April 2. The agreement was scheduled to be signed on April 30 And after the start of the commercial agreement today between Fibercop and Open Fiber e According to CorCom, that’s expected within days.

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