Tim Cook intervenes to kill the Apple TV + program about Gawker

Earlier this year, it was mentioned Apple TV + was in the early stages of developing a series based on Gawker Media. Now, however, New York times Reports indicate that Apple TV + canceled this offer after CEO Tim Cook acquired the project.

The series that was to be launched scraper, By two former Gawker employees, Max Reed and Cord Jefferson. Apple even hired two other former Joker editors, Emma Carmichael and Lea Beckmann, as the writer, and she’s completed several episodes of the series.

He faced Gawker Media and Apple several times in the past, today’s report indicates. In 2010, Joker’s drug Gizmodo Leaked photos of iPhone 4 after being found in a bar. In 2008, the Joker surpassed Tim Cook as gay – six years earlier than Apple CEO has published his public article About equality.

The report goes on to say that once Cook discovered that Apple TV + was developing a series based on Gawker, he quickly moved to kill the entire project. The show is now back on the market and services can pick it up.

According to two people briefed on the email, Mr. Cook was surprised to learn that his company was making an offer on Gawker. humiliation The company at different and well-known times download Him, back in 2008, is gay. People said he expressed a clear negative view of the Joker. Apple proceeded to kill the project. Now, the show is back on the market and its CEO, Layne Eskridge, has left the company. Gawker seems to be causing problems again.

Today’s report also claims that Eddy Cue has told Apple TV + leadership that “the two things we’ll never do are militant nudity and China,” indicating the potential to piss off China with any of its original TV shows or movies. This was first reported before BuzzFeed News last year.

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Finally, the report adds:

And then there’s the phones: A person participating in another show from Apple recently called in instructions to avoid a scene in which the phone gets damaged.

This is just the latest story we’ve heard of Apple executives’ entanglement with the development of Apple TV +. For example, Tim Cook is said to have it The original series was personally killed vital signs Due to concerns that she was too violent and sexual. The show would have been a drama based on Dr. Dre’s life.

You can read the full report at New York times.

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