Tiltable emergency medical service keyboard for Christmas and New Year. Gandola denounced (Forza Italia)

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Metropolitan Council member Paulo Gandola explains:

“Did it take Christmas and New Years to understand that the new access system with telephone sorting to the medical service at the ASL Toscana centro could not work? What happened in recent days with hundreds of people in the queue and unable to make a stand to speak with the doctor on duty was is unacceptable and has only one official called the Democratic Party.

We at Forza Italia have been saying this for months: the continuity of the care service throughout the metropolitan area has been dismantled by the left, and most importantly, it all happened in the midst of a health emergency.

An unbearable truth.” Comments Paolo Gandola, City Council Member Forza Italia – Center Right for Change after learning that even during New Year’s Day, the telephone system for accessing the medical service is once again palatable.

“During the holidays, the attacks of Gandola, and this will also be repeated on Epiphany, the individual keyboard of the vast area of ​​Tuscany was broken into and many citizens could not take the line. For this reason, the Chancellor of the Metropolitan, continues the protests of the citizens even when they were able to speak with the call center, they have They bounced from one part of the metropolitan area to another as medical clinics were closed in many Metrocittà municipalities.

Despite the ASL fanfare that ensured phone lines doubled for the New Year, all this didn’t happen and the keypad broke down again.

Was it hard to imagine all of this happening? We already said it a few months ago, and now we feel like saying it more forcefully: Given the gravity of the situation, the silence of the Democratic Party and the municipal administrations involved is embarrassing.

Mayors, recalls the capital’s advisor, represent the local health authority and their silence in the face of such a hideous dismantling of the service before their eyes is unacceptable.

And now, to address the issue, also in light of the epiphany, we’d like to ask that family physicians be on hand and can be reached by phone? It is an unacceptable proposal that testifies to the defeat of the regional service of Tuscany, by the Democratic Party. It could be argued that we are in the ultimate comedy had it not been for the health of our fellow citizens. Family Physicians, for the past two years, have been doing an exceptional job, ensuring unparalleled commitment, on the front line against the coronavirus, having already doubled their energy and work shifts.

Henceforth, the left should avoid preaching the concept of regional medicine, Gandola concludes. And with their ridiculous government policies, they made this a children’s fairy tale that no one would believe anymore, after forcing 118 doctors to deal with fevers, stomachaches and backaches.”

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