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Tilley on Novak Djokovic: ‘He’s always welcome in Australia, they love him’

Craig Tillyin the days leading up to the Australian Open, was at the center of the controversy over the validation of Novak Djokovic’s exemption in light of the Melbourne slams, a groundbreaking that the Serbian champion was unable to participate in following the Australian government’s decision.

The Tennis Australia manager didn’t want to relive what happened last January for the upcoming Australian Open. It is clear that it will not be up to him to make this decision, as he announced in an interview with SportKlub, but he stressed that he is in constant contact with the Serbian team to deliver all the different innovations developed by the new government.

Indeed, it appears that the new immigration minister can overcome this veto that may facilitate the situation inherent in the participation of Novak Djokovic next season even if he is not vaccinated against Covid.

“I think we’re doing our best. It’s obviously not my decision to let Novak play the next Australian Open, but Nol is always welcome here and he knows a lot of people in Australia would love to see him play.

It is up to other people to decide, but there is still a long time before the next Australian Open. “What he should do now is enjoy the title at Wimbledon,” said Tilley, who congratulated him on his performance in the London Championships: “Novak played at a fantastic level and deserved to win.

He played well and I’m happy for him and his team. It’s been a tough year for him, but he’s practically unbeatable at Wimbledon Central.”

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Tilly listened to Djokovic after Wimbledon

Tilley is concerned about Djokovic’s situation, admitting that he also had a conversation with him after the victory over Kyrgios “I’ve congratulated them all over the past two weeks, Novak has done a great job,” concluded the Tennis Australia director.

The Serbian champion, after returning a veritable victory in his homeland where he was hailed by thousands of citizens, is waiting to see if he will be able to take part in the American Tour that will then culminate in his fourth and final tournament: the US Open.

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