TikTok star reveals her secret

I have 72 years But I show her 20. Kiko’s guest it’s a dancer fan artistic gymnastics Who likes to share? Instagram And the tik tok Videos of her dance performances, but are often criticized by haters for taking them into consideration Very Old.

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Kiko’s guest story

Originally from AtlantaAnd the United Statethe 72-year-old guest Keiko fights every day comments instead of cruel By users who criticize his way of dressing and behaving social.

The dancer spends her days doing pull-ups and handstands, alternating between them artistic gymnasticsAnd the dance And the work out weights. for him young appearance It made her a true social star even if she was often criticized: I didn’t know how much I hate seniors until I opened tik tokI received criticism right away, often harsh.

Kiko has never had gods children Currently he is one single womanJust committed to building more fitness tonic And the dry: I focus on myself and do it mainly for me health. Staying fit has always been my priority and always will be.

The influencer thinks her looks are still right youths also thankspower supply: Keiko Guest chooses plant-based raw materials and never takes them alcohol. The influencer admitted that he doesn’t pay much attention to negative comments, because he often thinks they’re born beforeenvy And from Jealous. Moreover, its content will appeal to most users: it encourages fans to take care of themselves and not be afraid of old age at all.

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