TikTok is at risk of being banned in the US, an investigation also launched in Italy

After the US, where President Joe Biden signed a law banning federal employees from installing TikTok on government smartphones, even in Italy the Copasir (Republic Security Committee) Start the investigation On the famous Chinese app.

According to FBI Director Chris Wray, TikTok is a real danger because through the app, the Chinese government has the ability to spy on and influence users.

These statements alarmed “Kobasir”, so the authority decided to launch a fact-finding investigation into the famous application. Also, as I mentioned before RepublicAnd The survey can extend to other apps and social networks over the next few weeks.

Specifically, Copasir decided to examine the risks and infiltration capacity of the social network and will try to keep potential threats under control.

It is still too early to talk about a real ban of the application in Italy, but if the investigation reveals details that endanger the safety of users and / or sell data to outside companies, the Security Committee of the Republica can take this radical decision.

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