TikTok introduces a new feed dedicated solely to science and technology

Tik Tok New feet A feed dedicated to the scientific community To celebrate Bay Day. The social network will offer educational content relating exclusively to scientific subjects: who ProgrammingIn the technologyengineering and mathematics. This way, users will be able to discuss experiences and learn new information in a more focused way, without having to browse through the typical TikTok entertainment content.

No ballet or crazy video. Only content on scientific topics, providing interesting and accurate information. Action against misinformation: Before it appears in your feed, every video must pass a double level of verification.

To avoid the spread of misinformation, TikTok has taken steps to ban the misinformation Inside the new Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Common Sense Networks will screen content for appropriateness, while Poynter’s fact-checkers will rate it for accuracy. Videos that fail both checks will not be able to appear in the new feed.

the STEM feeds It will be available in the US “in the coming weeks.” Social media has already experimented with some other special feeds dedicated to specific topics. Previous experiments have targeted fans of sports, video games, and other popular interests. The new Science Brief is an expansion of this initiative.

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