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Tierney, Siriol Emanuela invades the Italian Embassy in the United Kingdom – Corriere dell’Umbria

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“It was a pleasure to see one of my dishes, a dish Siriul Alla Ternanapublished on the official channels ofItalian Embassy in the United KingdomThese are the words Emanuela Vessi, food blogger and chef Homepage. The typical meal Ternano appeared on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages of the tricolor diplomatic representation in London, within the column #my food fridaywhere events, dishes, characters, and places are reported and illustrated.

“I have a blog The witch in the kitchen – Follow Emanuela – which contains more than 350 recipes. The strong point of the blog is obviously the traditional Umbrian cuisine, especially the game, but there’s no shortage of gluten or sugar-free recipes. Besides being one food blogger I am also a home cook. I like to cook and above all introduce our parts kitchen. Of course, after I saw my plate published The official Italian channels in the UK It made me speechless, it was a really positive experience. I’m proud that we noticed my class.”

After all, ciriole is a traditional dish of Terni so loved by adults and children, and it is passed down from generation to generation. Under the post that appeared on the official social networking sites, there was a description in English that stated briefly: “Ciriole alla ternana is a “poor” dish subordinate Umbrian cuisine Made without eggs, originally from Turn me. Its name is derived from the Latin word Ceres, Any white as wax because of its white-free colour. It is a kind of long noodles, similar to Tuscan Bischi. Ciriole is a fresh pasta made with water and flour without eggs. Therefore, the name ciriole is derived from the Latin cereus, meaning white as wax, due to the typical color of pasta made without eggs. The pasta is usually accompanied by simple sauces. Just think of Ciriole alla Terni seasoned with a sauce made of tomatoes, garlic, chili, and parsley.”

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Emanuela’s blog has many recipes, maybe sometime we’ll see other recipes that will be resumed and posted on another social channels. “For now I am looking forward – concludes – and still enjoy that satisfaction that came out of nowhere. I also continue to cultivate my passion for cooking Even at home.” In fact, if someone wanted to try a typical Umbrian dish, they could try some recipes “The Witch in the Kitchen”.

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