Thus Kamala Harris University abolishes the “classics”.

Even a university Kamala Harris He deconstructs classic studies. In fact, some time ago, the same rebellious anger that targeted the statues of the Confederacy – and not only – in the United States and other symbols of Western culture, decided to declare war on the classics of literature and philosophy: primary authors who had the disadvantage of being “white” and thus not “all-encompassing” as such. Sufficiently and in keeping with the times, universities – especially American and Anglo-Saxon universities – have become the cradle of political correctness. The decision by Howard University, the symbolic university for African Americans in which Vice President Kamala Harris also studied, to dismantle the Classical Studies Department in order to establish it, is sparking a lot of debate in the United States. ”Different prioritiesIn the curricula of the studentsAnsa, “Classics” professors will be transferred to other departments where their courses can still be taught, but according to an article published by Washington Post Deconstructing the classics is a true synonymSpiritual disastersAnd cultural.

A storm over Kamala Harris University

Howard was by far the only African American university historically to include the “Classics” department, and it has been part of the university since its founding in 1867. According to Washington Post,Academic campaigns to neglect or despise the classics are a sign of moral decline and parochialism“. Furthermore it, “In our culture, the crimes of the West have unfortunately become so central that it becomes difficult to see what the West has to offer. We need to be careful and distinguish between Western civilization and Western philosophy and crimes. These crimes stem from certain philosophies and certain aspects of that civilization, not all of themThe university also called “Black Harvard”, where Kamala Harris studied and trained, was one of the symbols of protest in the 1960s and the civil rights movement and among its most famous students, in addition to the Vice President of the United States, Supreme Court Judge Thurgood Marshall, former US ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Nobel Prize winner Tony Morrison, and actor Isaiah Washington. The abolition of culture, the poisonous fruit of identity politics.

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As for the culture of abolition, even the Greeks and Latins are racists

The War of Abolition of Culture Against Classical Studies is not an absolute heresy and does not concern Kamala Harris University only. We also reported, In the past months Dan L Padilla Peralta, An associate professor of classics at Princeton University, explained L. The New York Times, Along with other progressive academics, that classics should someday be removed from undergraduate programs as they are.Implicated in the white supremacy that they are inseparable from itPeralta goes further and states in his delirium that the classic studies are hostile to minorities.If we were to think of a discipline whose institutional bodies were expressly intended to disavow the legal status of color scholarsAl said The New York Times,You can’t do better than the classics didNot the best in Britain, where in recent weeks the University of Leicester Advertise Intention to put aside literary giant Geoffrey Chaucer in favor of alternative models that respect more race and gender. The university justifies this choice by the need to update the curriculum and make it more appropriate to the sensitivity and perspectives of students of English literature.

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