Thus Amadeus treated himself, “It is the only medicine capable of …”

Amadeus, presenter of the moment, already at the third consecutive presentation of the Festival of San Remo and at the head of the pre-evening party, I soliti ignoti declared that he was anxious and ointed.

Tell the provider what treatments he or she is using to try to treat these conditions. That’s what it is.

Amadeus is currently at the height of his career, he is going through a truly golden moment thanks to the success of his art direction at the Sanremo Festival. Amadeus has just returned from running for the third time in a row a singing festival, where all three faced off in the most complex period of history, one marked by an epidemic.

Despite this, Amadeus’ version was one of the most successful in the festival’s history. In fact, the connector has also been confirmed for the 2023 and 2024 versions.

Here is his statement on the matter: It will start on Tuesday 7 February and end on Saturday 11 February 2023. The dates were announced by the conductor during the evening edition of TG1.

There was also a conversation From the Sanremo Giovanni edition, The tracks for the Youth Competition will be sent from May 12 to October 12: “On the evening of December 12, we will know who are the top three who, as in the latest edition, will be automatically accepted into the competition between the big ones.”.

Treating anxiety and illness

For now, Amadeus still runs I soliti ignoti and we see him every day early on the evening of Ray 1.

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In fact, it’s hard work that, by his own admission, allows him to deal with his little anxiety problems. He said work is also an antidote to hypochondria, he told Ok Salute.

Amadeus claimed that he “Anxiety and fear, especially in relation to health. To the point of the border on the Maraq”. In fact, these are very common problems even among “ordinary” people and not only among those who work in the show business.

At one point, these anxiety symptoms became stronger after a prolonged hospitalization due to bad nephritis. It was a situation he went through as a kid that he must have missed a little bit.

Here are the host’s own words when he tells us what his cures for anxiety and illness were: “Work seems to be the only medication that can calm my anxiety. Not only does stepping into the scene cause me no excitement, it makes me feel deeply relaxed and at ease. Much more than a tranquilizer or a cup of chamomile tea.”.

Therefore, the work and success achieved in recent years allowed him to better cope with these problems and live better in some difficult situations. On the other hand, a lot of work pushed him to sleep less, a problem which, as we told you, he faced during the Sanremo Festival.

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