Through the “Sostegni bis” decree, subsidized employment bonuses and mortgages for young people –

Mario Draghi doesn’t like to call him Bis Sostegni decree. The prime minister prefers to talk about a decree-law for companies, work, youth, health care, and the region. Approved by the Cabinet yesterday It distributes another 40 billion in aid To the economy. But, Draghi says, the decree is partly different from the previous one, because it looks to the future, to a country reopening, where the government still pledges to leave no one behind. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is confident, so much so that he expects Prof. A recovery in GDP This will lead to an upward revision of growth estimates for this year (+ 4,5% According to the definition of last April). Draghi hopes that if the pandemic continues to improve, there will be no need for more such decrees this year. After all, the best support is re-opening. But he adds, even if there is a recovery in GDP, for sustainable growth we will need NRR and recovery plan to use the EU’s 200 billion resources. Italy’s plan is ready to implement it by agreeing, within the next week, of decrees related to governance and simplification.

Draghi is also cautiously optimistic on the pricing front: There is a rapidly rising inflation rate in some sectors, but economists are convinced that it will be temporary increases, because we still see a lot of unemployment, low demand and wages that do not have a dynamic that proposes corrective measures of a monetary nature. The one aspect where the prime minister shows some concern is work: The next few months will be complicated, also due to layoffs in some sectors. Serving a metropolitan state. In this regard, the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, Also at a press conference after the decree was approved, he said: For companies that will make a layoff decision by June, there will be an extension until August 28 of the iteration block (which will expire on June 30, ed.), While the companies that use the regular cash fund will not You have to pay the additional fee and cannot do without it while using this cash box, in quotes, for free.

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The main spending item for the new decree-lawDraghi explained, to companies: 17 billion in new non-reimbursable contributions, with the introduction, along with volume of business (a loss of at least 30%), of the profit benchmark, which takes more time because we have to wait for budgets, but it can start. Additional year-end compensation for some companies, while Additional 370,000 VAT numbers should have access to refreshment points Thanks to the possibility of extending the evaluation period for low volume trading until March 31, 2021. Another 9 billion will go to business, In particular, for credit and liquidity aid. Instead, $ 4 billion goes to struggling workers and social groups, with the introduction of, among other things, a re-employment contract with an employment bonus (zero contributions for 6 months). The premier also stressed the measures for youth in particularOpposing the purchase of the first home, With a general guarantee of up to 80% of the loan, the abolition of registration, mortgage and land registration taxes. A necessary step because young people need a home, a safe job, and a welfare system.
At the same press conference Economy Minister Daniel FrancoHe said that the agreement with the European Commission regarding Alitalia is close, adding that there is an interest for international partners and that in any case, the Alitalia trademark will be preserved.

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