Three unmissable art events will come to the Turin region with writer Chiotto and Fabiana Macaluso Art Director – Turin Ogi

Hip hop art and neon artfrom May 1 to 8, is an exhibition on the beat of hip-hop brushstrokes with canvases in the style (in a figurative sense) of celebrities International writer closedWhich celebrates this year the 40th anniversary of its artistic career with many awards from very important critics, among whom we mention, Vittorio Sgarbi, Philip Devereaux E Guido Volco And in the writing branch of the Zulli state, he was among the Founding Fathers, who are chronicled in the Fundacion Fears Alicante. Also in July 2001 Pope John Paul II He blessed Schiotto and the Polish writers whom they called “messengers of God” as reported in L’Osservatore Romano, when they were invited to paint inside the Sistine Chapel on private canvases.

Locked starterthe international artist has cultivated his art all over the world and has also presented as an art teacher figure in very important projects including: The Project scooter 2010 with the Niklino municipality Created by the advisor Diego Sarno and social policy advisor Nora Merlow With the aim of redeveloping the walls of the Maxwell-Erasmo da Rotterdam Tunnel with the presence, upon opening, Don Ciotti Libra and the participation of disabled children in schools; Sherry’s other project with Boys from Juvenile Prison, in 2001; In Nichelino in 2014 he worked on the project “Participation” by Dr Reggio At that time the mayor of Neslino in Camandona Square was drawing a hand as a symbol of the liberation of Palestine and decorating some farmers; For the project “COOP sociale” in 2008 he painted the exterior walls of the hypermarket located in the Castello area of ​​Nichelino; His imprint is also in the “Ritmi Urbani” project in Moncalieri 2001 with the redevelopment of the outer walls of the Moncalieri ring road, there are many projects of social value in which CHIUTO has collaborated.

Fabiana Macaluso She is also a multifaceted international artist and activist in Africa recognized by the Accademia of Arte nel Mondo and by the Carabinieri of Lecce, by the religious authorities, and has received great recognition for her artistic and social career as an activist in Africa.

Fabiana Macaluso, in addition to being Director of the Chiuto Foundation, has four accredited historical degrees in Queen Art Studio, Maison D’Art, Fundacion Paurides of Alicante and Maco Museum. It was awarded by Vittorio Sgarbi at the Probiennale in Venice, placing it among the first places; Recipient of many important awards, including IconArt magazine with appearances in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the blessing of the United Arab Emirates and then in Panama at the University of Fine Arts and in many European countries, Africa, Latin America, the United States and the East.

Fabiana Macaluso He will show some works different from his tribal style in the solo show: The artist likes to experiment with different techniques, a little for fun and a little for passion, among them, the new neon style in fluorescent technique with the theme of stars, stars and mythical animals, in how much she loves the stars and the universe.

The artist is always happy to perform in her native country (Italy) but is very happy to be the daughter of the world.

The solo exhibition will open on May 1 and end on May 8. By the way, the two artists, who love this beautiful city in love with pepper art and above all, celebrate their return to the splendid church of San Rocco di Carmagnola. Good Taste.

With the contribution of Montabone Editore Eugenio Costa Milano,, his non-profit organization Città & Tempo, SISNET Information Technology By Aurelio Moroni, Tom Thumb Stories, Journalist’s Web Channel Francesco Fravolini Roma Radio Network and Fabiana Macaluso.

Special guest at the second COMICS event on May 27 and 28 in Villarbasse to see a new wall work by artists Fabiana and Chiuto dedicated to Lego and a third artist Osvaldo NerutiThe art of decorating the land of my work 100 meters from the road. The three longtime collaborators, on this occasion and for the first time, will be showcasing their new brand that includes their artwork, the project named “FOCK ARTwhich intends to redevelop abandoned areas in various cities of Italy and Europe by decorating walls, trees, benches and much more of interest to civilization.

The wall and street will be opened during the exhibition and the three guest artists at the event will be looking forward to your visit.


A third unique event, inaugurated on April 22, is dedicated to martial arts and graphic arts, designed by Aurelio Moroni of SISNET Informatica but also SENSEI of Karate with SENSEI Audino Maximus from ADP Ronin Karate Nickelin the Preparatory School Martyrs of the Resistance in Viale Kennedy 40 in Nichelino, the only karate course for adults and children with the support of the Municipality of Nichelino with the Director of Major Events Silvia Ferraris.

Aurelio Morrone and Fabiana Macaluso give life to the exhibition in its first edition in Niccellino (TO).

Martial arts and graphic artsWith children’s karate demonstrations in the Kennedy District and setting on webs of themed graphic works by the International Project art collage group Virtual Art Workshop Social Groupwhich was founded by Macaluso

Fabiana in 2019, with drawings by the children of the Niklino & Trovarello karate course inside the Kennedy booth.

The deputy mayor was present at the opening ceremony Carmen Bonino and sports consultant Francis Lorenzo: On April 29, as a special guest, CHIUTO will be a guest in a spray performance and will dedicate the work to Dojo Ronin.Association ETS-ODV Tender Feathers You will manage the children’s entertainment.

the May 6th There will be a special guest of honor: the multi-award winning karate champion of the world Salvatore Luria Who will hand over artistic participation certificates to all participants.

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