Three thousand head of cattle at sea since December: many died from the harsh conditions of the journey from Spain to Libya. Now reform European Union laws

Same Three thousand cattle Stuck in the sea for two months and in good condition Relaxes. The arduous journey began in December of Spain Not over yet. Two ships on board the animalsAt best, they are still around. In fact, the conditions in which they remained for so long indicate that many of them may indeed be dead, But it is not clear whether The carcass They are still on the ship or thrown overboard. The Lebanese Generous MachineThat was carrying 895 calves, left Cartagena (Spain) December 18th addressed to Iskenderun, at Turkey, But then changed course and headed to TripoliWhere the Libyan authorities refused the cattle shipment due to Blue tongue Many samples. Same goes for Pick, Who left the Spanish city Tarragona It arrived in Tripoli, Libya, on January 10, carrying 1776 calves. The two vessels have roamed from port to port so far. “preparation scandal Linked to transporting live animals by ships. After the tragedy of the ship 2019 Queen Hind On board, 14,000 sheep have capsized, and we now find ourselves with thousands of animals stranded on two ships that were wandering from port to port for more than two months in search of help. And MEP from European Greens, Eleonora EvieMember of the Investigation Committee for the Protection of Animals during Transportation (I mean) And vice presidentIntergroup on animal welfareAccording to him, “We can’t talk about individual incidents, but about Work as usual For a system where violations of weak EU legislation are already on the agenda. “

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Odyssey in the Mediterranean – Karim Allah is now in the Bay of Cartagena, but his Docking Not yet authorized. After rejecting Libyan authorities She left the ship and requested permission to dock a Bizerte (Tunisia), most likely to refuel Forage As for the animals, they were not permitted to enter Bizerte or the other Tunisian ports. Spotted at port Augusta On January 28, he left Sicily Declaration that it is “partially charged”. This indicates that many animals have already died, although no information has been provided about what happened to the carcass. In fact, it was the next step CagliariAn official inspection was arranged, but the ship unexpectedly decided to leave for Spain and is still in front of the port of Cartagena. Eurogroup Animals has launched a call to accelerate Procedure And let the veterinarians get on board. The other infernal journey is the trip to pick, which was seen after leaving Tripoli on January 25th Lampedusa Arrived Egypt On February 1, stay abroad from Alexandria Until February 10th. Then nothing more, no information, until a few days ago. The ship is still ahead CiproWithout enough food for the animals. There are still many doubts about what happened on the ships, where he was continent It would be desperate, as the Animal Welfare Foundation stated, animal equality and peta.

European Parliament (VERDI): “European Union Regulation Reform” – “More than two months ago these animals were forced In confined spaces and travel in them Circumstances Even remotely not respect the minimum standards for transporting animals, “explains Eleonora Evie, who signed on Message Addressed to Health Commissioner And food safety Stella Kyriakides, So that immediate action is taken and the position of the Spanish authorities legally responsible for animal health is clarified to their final destination. According to the MEP of gave It is necessary to fix European Union Regulation Who governs the transport of live animals “- he explains – abandon the current system as quickly as possible, which forces millions of animals to Never ending trips In inhumane conditions, preferring instead to move towards transporting meat e The carcass. In doing so, we must drastically reduce the maximum hours allowed for transportation the animals Alive Which should be reduced to 4 hours for rabbits and chickens, 8 hours cattle And sheep, with a total ban on transport the animals Not weaned As for exports outside the European Union, we record the most serious violations. “

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