Three new jobs on the counter

Three new jobs are coming for Poste Italiane users. Ready to use new Postamats for customers

Italian Post Office (Adobe Photo)

Italian Post It expands its horizons more and more by offering more and more services to users. Moreover, customers, in addition to the increase, need more and more services. digitization but also safety and the Ease of use Among the tools presented are the paths that Poste Italiane has followed for some time with satisfactory results.

Postamat, branches and new posts

new postamat
Postamat office (Pixabay)

The latest news for the post office is new postmates at the service of users. The main advantage is that this ATM offers new functionality. The main thing related to the possibility of implementation Payments of criticism PostpaidAnd pankoposta or a libretto. This is an important innovation that allows to improve the service of the internal meters by relieving pressure on them. Moreover, Postamat users can perform another function at the ATM in addition to the previous ones.

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Other important functions of the new Postamats are related to safety. They are actually brighter and have order video surveillance Improvement. In addition, the new Poste Italiane ATMs are equipped with a system Anti-skimming who does not allow card cloning. This last function makes the new Postamats particularly safe against payment card fraud, which is numerous throughout the national territory.

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However, it must be emphasized that the new Postamat, said cash inflowsIn addition to the new payment function, all previous ATMs are still in limited number. Approximately about twentyIn fact, the new ATMs are able to do everything that Postamats offer. In addition to the above operations, Poste Italiane branches also offer payment services for major users, phone ups in addition to the traditional checkout function. But they will gradually expand throughout Italy.

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