Three more games will leave the catalog in April

Especially afterIntegration of Bethesda into Xbox Game Studios AndArrival on the first day from the OutridersGame Pass continues to welcome a “mindless” number of great titles that can be played on Microsoft platforms, but it is also true, from time to time, Some games must abandon the catalog of game services on demand.

The three titles confirm that They will soon not be a part of the Xbox Game Pass promotion They are provided to us directly from the pages of the official website of the service, on which you can find a screenshot under the news. As we can see, Deliver Us the Moon, Gato Roboto, and Wargroove are the games meant to say goodbye to the Game Pass.

We handed over the moon It is perhaps the most famous of the trio, and it presents itself as a science fiction adventure set in the near future where the human resources on Earth are depleted and try to harness the energy on the moon to create a new colony (here you will find us We handed over the moon review).
Robot Cat Instead, it is a standalone Metroidvania game in 2D graphics in which the player will be able to take on the unusual role of a cat in an armored vehicle that is invited to fight hordes of hostile alien creatures.
foxFinally, it is a real-time strategy that can be played in single player, multiplayer and co-op, in which it will be possible to choose one of 15 commanders and conduct a war campaign.

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Of course, the advice is to speed up if you intend to play the aforementioned titles, as they will soon be removed from the Game Pass catalog, so you will follow in the footsteps. Three titles were removed in late March.

Speaking of what will be added instead in the service, it has been confirmed that the annual release of the baseball simulator published by Sony MLB The Show 21 arriverà su Xbox Game Pass al Day One.

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