Three free fitness areas delivered to the city Photos

Three free fitness areas delivered to the city

Three free fitness areas delivered to the city ©

Three free-to-use fitness areas for free physical activity outdoors, with views of the sea and in two city parks, were symbolically handed over to the city this morning by the Mayor of Bisgli, Angelantonio Angarano, accompanied by councilors and municipal councillors. To close the moment, in the Conca dei Monaci are two exceptional, young and talented Bisceglie ambassadors for sport in the world: Eusebio Haliti, the Italian multiple athletics champion, and Lucrezia Napoletano, an Italian emerging swimming star who has already made significant achievements at the youth level. A brief demonstration of how to use the equipment was given by personal trainer and mental trainer Dino Kokkola.

“Our park is inhabited every day by many people who are jogging, jogging, or just strolling and enjoying the impressive view of the wonderful sea that Mother Nature has given us,” said Mayor of Bisgle. “With this equipment, which everyone can use freely, our coastal road becomes more and more an evocative path of well-being and beauty with services. A fitness area, requested by many, has been added to the safe and comfortable bike paths, to the free beach accessible to people with disabilities, to the new beaches The beautiful cobbled municipal plan for the coast, adopted in addition, is also the beginning of a process aimed at creating new and diverse opportunities for the development, strengthening and promotion of the waterfront, always through the criteria of ecological compatibility, ecological sustainability and respect for nature processes “.

Two more fitness areas have been installed in Misericordia Park, named after Fallen of Nassiriya, and in Sant’Andrea Park in the area of ​​the same name. “We are improving our green spaces and are working to create new areas, such as Capuchin llama park which will, from abandonment and degradation, become a green lung at the centre. We repair damaged children’s roundabouts in all city parks, and at the same time, we ensure more regular maintenance …a process ordered by parents and children themselves, who can now return to play in peace and security. My appeal to all citizens is to be custodians of this equipment and to know how best to preserve it because it belongs to all of us.”

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