Three amazing promotions and pay off up to 50€

Starting with weekly shopping, passing through InvoicesEven different daily needs, in fact, there are many elements that affect our pockets.

These also include costs Mobile phone, which includes phone calls, text messages, and the Internet. In this particular context, it would be interesting to know I got the mobile Ready to beat the competition at three truly amazing rates. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Kena Mobile outperformed the competition: Three great promotions

Mobile Offers
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Kena Mobile continues to like the really amazing promotions, but that’s not all. Referring a friend, you can redeem 5 euros, up to 10 times. This way, then, you can get up 50 EUR refund. Going into the details, you can take advantage of the following three promotions:

  • for new numbers: Unlimited minutes and text messages 50 GB on the 4G network to browse the Internet up to 30 MB at a cost only 7.99 € per month. The activation cost is €4.99 per chip, with free delivery.
  • Iliad, Poste Mobile, Lycamobile customers, new numbers and other MVNOs: They can take advantage of unlimited minutes and text messages, with 100 GB in 4G network to surf the web up to 60 Mbps. Monthly cost equal to €9.9999, with SIM activation cost and free delivery.
  • All operators: Also in this case it is possible to take advantage of free texting and phone calls, with 70 GB in 4G network to surf the web up to 60 Mbps, all at a cost equivalent to 12.99 € per month, with SIM activation cost and free delivery.
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At this point, we have seen together the three offers of Kena Mobile, which allow you to save a lot of money, but also get back up to 50 euros.

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