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Thousands invade homes, hotels and hospitals. Three patients bitten

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March 18, 2021
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Australia Under attack. a’Rat infestation Is hitting New South Wales, The state of Australia where the capital is located Sydney. Mice and rats infiltrated Issue, at the hotel And in Hospitals. The authorities help citizens make pizza Traps-To block doors and windows to stop a rodent spree. But some failed to stop it. Some motels were also forced to close due to the large number of mice. This, of course, also affects tourism.

Department of Health: a natural event

Section The greeting From New South Wales confirmed this Three people were bitten. They were in different hospitals, from Tottenham, Wolgett and Golargambon when attacked by rodents. However, health authorities reassure: “The rat infestation in the western part of NSW is A. Natural event».

Drones to kill mice

All means are used to fight the invasion. And there are those, like farmer Roger Woods, who have been authorized by the state to fly Drone And throw rat poison to kill them. The concern is that the invasion could affect other countries. This is why traps are set everywhere. Chase H Rat control They also remove excess food left over on farms that could attract rodents.

Disease risk

There is also concern about infectious diseases. status Choroid lymphocytes, The rodent-borne disease, has been reported by Priscilla Stanley, who heads the NSW Health Department. very rare Which gives, as a symptom Red eyes.

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