This wonderful special shaped aquatic plant is perfect for decorating your home

There are plants with very special shapes and smells, which are perfect for giving a unique touch to our garden or our home.

It is with A flower that smells of chocolate, or what she has Same shape as a toothbrush for cleaning bottles. Exotic yet fascinating plants, which make our outdoor and indoor spaces special.

It is also the case of an aquatic plant that will not leave us indifferent. It is grown only in the lakes of three countries of the world: Japan, Iceland and Estonia.

This wonderful special shaped aquatic plant is perfect for decorating your home

Marimo is a completely spherical algae that is used for decorative purposes. Light or dark green in color, very similar to moss.

It grows at the bottom of freshwater lakes, where the movement of the waves gives it that special rounded shape.

Marimo care is very simple. All you need is a clear glass bowl and some water.

The important thing is to keep it out of direct sunlight.

To prevent our ball moss from getting sick, we need to change the water every two weeks. Sometimes we can add some sparkling water, so that it can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

In fact, this wonderfully shaped aquatic plant requires very little attention, which makes it ideal for home decoration.

Marimo grows very slowly and to help it maintain its spherical shape, we can move the water in the jar, simulating lake currents.

very romantic legend

Marimo is a symbol of love and is associated with a very romantic legend. Japanese mythology tells the story of two boys who, despite their families’ opposition, desperately want to spend their lives together.

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They ran and hid on the banks of a river Lake Akan, where Marimo was born. To live their love in freedom and immortality, they asked that their hearts be turned to this plant.

A very romantic legend that explains why marimo is considered a love plant.

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