This ten lira today is worth a fortune, you will become rich if you still keep it: check right away

If you have a piggy bank stored somewhere, then it is worth breaking it to check for a 10 lira coin.

10 liras worth –

If you are going to find this 10 lira coin, you can really change your economic life.

10 lira: why are you looking for it

The transition from the lira to the euro took place 22 years ago. However, some nostalgic people may still hold old coins. In particular, the currencies that will have the most value are the old coins, which were taken out of circulation long before the arrival of the euro. For example, coins in denominations of 5 and 10 lira. It is also useful to take a tour of the attic or basement. In many old houses, for example, it was customary to frame coins.

10 lira
10 lira –

Some of them, released in certain years, with specific approvals, in fact, may be worth a lot of money. Instead of leaving old pig banks to dust, why not try to break them? You can really change your financial situation. Let’s see which 10 lira you need to look for.

Which one are you looking for?

In your money box or yours personal collection of memories, You should be looking for a 10 lira coin from 1955. There should be two ears on the back. In fact, this specific currency takes a denomination of 10 lira ear. On the other side of the coin there is the coin value and the author of the engraving or Romagnoli. There is also a depiction of a plow, a symbol of Italy which, at the time, was basing its economy on agriculture. The writing relating to the Italian Republic as well as to the 1,000th year of the coinage must not be missing.

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The peculiarity is also that the ears are slightly spaced from each other. The currency was opened in the 1950s while the lira was permanently withdrawn in 2002.

10 liras 1955 cans It is worth about 15 euros, In the case found at Fior di Conio, the coin was never circulated. If it is found in SPL or exquisite condition, the coin is worth 4 euros. If it is in poor condition it is of no value.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that if you have a small piggy bank full of 10 lira coins from 1955 in Fior di Conio, you can get a small fortune. However, getting dirty with a currency of this type is very rare.

piggy bank
piggy bank –

in spite of that, Auctions are traded This type of coin can also be beaten for 1,000 euros. The advice is to exercise caution before embarking on such a purchase. Primarily because the actual value is unknown but also because the coins must be seen first-hand before they can be purchased.

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