This object that we often use with our cats can be very dangerous to its health

Sure, taking a cat home is an indifferent commitment. We have to pay attention to our cat, take care of him, but above all, play with him. It’s essential to spend time with our furry friend, and let him have fun. But sometimes there are certain games that may put your kitty’s health at risk. One of these is definitely the laser pointer, which many of us use at home with our pet. But this thing that we often use with our cats can be very dangerous to their health.

A laser pointer can be dangerous to our cat’s eyesight

Many play with their cat by using the red light of a laser pointer. Watching our kitty chase that red dot is definitely fun. But we really have to be careful. In fact, for our furry friend, this game could be quite risky. In fact, cats tend to chase light very quickly. And within a few seconds, they reach the red point where we are moving. But if this light accidentally gets into his eyes, the consequences can be really unpleasant.

What are the risks?

The light emitted from the laser pointer can easily damage a cat’s retina if it falls directly into its retina eyes. But even the reflection of light itself can be dangerous. If we were to point the laser at a mirror or a reflective floor, for example, our cat’s sight could still be affected. Moreover, a cat will not complain of eye pain and thus we may not immediately notice the problem that we are creating for them. Therefore, we now know that this thing that we often use with our cats can be very dangerous to their health. On the other hand, the cat has a lot of fun with this type of game. It is actually one of the few hunting moments that he goes through in his daily life. Plus, the laser pointer keeps our cat active. Therefore, to play with it safe, we can purchase one with a power of less than 5 milliwatts. Also, we must be careful not to direct it in his eyes!

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