This is why we should never do this before bed while risking insomnia

The causes of sleep deprivation can be many. From stress to nutrition, from exercise close to bedtime to excessive alcohol consumption. But there are also habits caused by modernity that, according to scientists, disturb sleep. That’s why we should never do this before bed at the risk of insomnia and fatigue the next day.

Good book before and after absolute darkness

Let’s start with the two procedures that experts have always considered good for sleeping peacefully: a completely dark room and a good bedtime book. Pay attention to LEDs, dimmers, and indicator lights for the things around us. Strange as it may sound, yet our brain takes so little to discern the passage of time. In fact, let’s not forget that for our brains, the distinction between day and night is key. Practically speaking, if there are lights at night, the brain interprets them as morning sources and does not give us the rest we deserve. Here is the reason for our article.

This is why we should never do this before bed while risking insomnia

We don’t have to see the blue screen of a mobile phone or tablet before bed according to all the experts. In fact, the blue color delays the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin, as we know, is the substance that helps us sleep. Also for this reason, in addition to not using it right before bed, the mobile phone should also be charged everywhere except in the bedroom.

Also, beware of depression

Umberto Veronese Foundation It has been argued for years that all electronic devices that are sources of electromagnetic pollution disturb sleep quality. Beware that it’s not just about not sleeping or sleeping poorly, but the consequences can be much more significant. We even talk about depression, stress and anxiety, but also about lack of attention, focus and hyperactivity in young people. That’s why we never forget Old Grandma’s Remedies: Chamomile, Dark and A Good Book of Good Rest and Quantity.

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