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This is where the license plate and insurance will be mandatory

Is the UK adopting a new regulation for the use of bicycles? These include license plate, insurance and speed limits. It’s life-changing for cyclists, and for a fairly serious reason: greater responsibility. After all, it is also known in Italy, through jokes and vulgar words, to imagine a cyclist as someone who often occupies the road with dangerous behaviors of those who use cars and motorcycles. In recent years, a new character has emerged that has been criticized for this type of situation, the scooter-using person. The rules for cyclists will change, perhaps and only in the UK.

At least this is the proposal of the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapswhich promised to enact a law against “dangerous cycling”. It sounds like a provocation, particularly in light of an internal power struggle over the leadership of the Conservative Party, but such a proposal could reach Parliament in October and be debated. It remains to be seen how and to what extent these new rules will be accepted.

New cycling rules: UK transport minister proposes license plate

British Minister of State for Transport, Grant Shapsproposed to organize Cycling in the street. This is not the first time that similar claims have been heard, even in Italy proposals have been made to regulate the use of scooters and the bikes themselves. But when it is the UK government transport secret that drives the proposal forward, everything seems more realistic. For the avoidance of doubt, at the moment it is only one suggestion It has not yet been introduced and discussed in Parliament.

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According to Shapps, a law must be created for Confronting dangerous cycling and use his words, executed This type of cycling. This is because when cyclists cause accidents, they are not paying for their responsibilities. According to Shapps, the liability of cyclists should be equal to that of motorists.

What is the British Minister of State for Transport suggesting to end dangerous cycling? Her suggestions are:

  • Insert the compulsory license plate on bicycles
  • Obligation to insure those who ride on the roads
  • Ventimiglia’s maximum speed per hour (equal to about 32 km/h)
  • Driving License

New bike rules also in Italy: are they really needed?

Even in Italy, its inclusion in . is often discussed traffic regulations New forms of control over non-motorized transportation such as bicycles or electric scooters. This is because with the increase in these modes of transportation on the roads, so can the accidents caused by those who drive them.

During the period from 2021 to 2022, there was almost hysteria about the dangers of using electric scooters, especially for the youngest. At the moment, these rules are included in the road code:

  • The minimum age to ride an e-bike is 16 for the S-Pedelec, while there is no age limit for Pedelec bikes, but a helmet is mandatory under 14;
  • For ordinary bicycles, it is forbidden to stay on the sidewalks (they can go on the road and on bicycle paths);
  • A helmet is not mandatory on foot pedals after the age of 14 while it is always mandatory on electric bikes up to 45 km/h;
  • The seat can be installed to transport children up to 8 years old;
  • a rear wheelbarrow can be used, provided that its height is less than one and a half meters, its weight is less than 50 kilograms, and it is equipped with red taillights or reflectors;
  • It is forbidden to use your smartphone while driving.
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