This is what the game preservation team at Sony – will do

Sony PlayStation I created Video game preservation team From its vast library, which is simply called “Team Conservation”. Confirmation came from Chief Building Engineer Garrett Friedley who explained what it would be best to do today The role of this division.

The news of the creation of a team dedicated exclusively to video game preservation has apparently generated a lot of talk about itself in the past few hours and many believe this is related to the upcoming PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP retro catalog. With PlayStation Plus Premium, as in reality, the details are still rather scarce.

Through a post on Twitter, Friedley, who we remember yesterday, revealed the existence of a new Sony PlayStation division, and tried to better explain its role within the team and, in general, what is meant by “keep the game“.

The chief building engineer shared a video of his presentation at GDC 2019, when he had a similar role at Electronic Arts at the time, where he explained that preservation is essentially a series of processes to ensure that all aspects of the title and its creation are not only stored correctly, It is also stored in a way Games can be made usable easily In the future.

What he’ll do on Sony’s preservation team, Fridley says, will be “similar, but on a larger scale,” which we assume is an indication of how comprehensive the old PlayStation console is compared to EA. In practice, he and other team members will be cataloging and archiving old Sony material, but it’s not certain that this will be relevant to PlayStation Premium, although the timing of the creation of the preservation team is somewhat special.

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To stay on the topic, Sony today officially announced free PS5 and PS4 games from PlayStation Plus.

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