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The inventor of Formula 1 as we know it and now retired Golden Ecclestone is the focus of a documentary that chronicles his life and career.

It will be for Abu Dhabi 2021. It will be for the big commitment of the new sponsor Stefano Domenicali to the Americanization of the category, with show dominating the sport and a number of pointless races in the showdown. Certainly there is that Bernie Ecclestone He ended up in oblivion.

Bernie Ecclestone (Photo by La Presse)
Bernie Ecclestone (Photo by La Presse)

Now 91 years old and full-time father of Little Ace, the English entrepreneur who created the circus has disappeared from the crest of the wave to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. It may not have been more common in the ring he helped create, but it is now a long way from the ones of his day.

Well, even though fashion has gone out of fashion, the old supreme piqued his interest Manish Pandeya world-renowned producer who also boasts among his works”SinAnd that in December he will release a documentary series about him called “Lucky”.

The film, which focuses on the motorsports journey of one of the world’s richest men, was filmed in 2020 during the lockdown in the wake of the pandemic and concluded earlier this year.

Realizing that she has an appetizing product on her hands, the production house Jiva Maya Beat the offices of the most important broadcasters on the planet. Revealing some plot details. Like the manager’s will to shape a sport that can rival the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Ecclestone on the small screen: Now is the time

According to Deadline’s website, DAZN has already acquired the rights to Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. In the UK and Ireland, it will be broadcast by Discovery+. While leaving European borders, it will be distributed in Latin America by Stars+ and ESPN.

The protagonist of the story commented on the release of the feature film positively because it is a reality-based entertainment product. On the contrary, he is allegedly a viewer of the very popular “Drive To Survive”, which is streaming on Netflix, due to the excessive “drama”.

I don’t like watching him because he tells untrue thingsher words.

In the case of Lucky, however, we will see a brief report on the crucial events of the experience Uncle Bernie. And his attempt to establish a sport that can last over time, as well as evolve from a stature of principle, to handing over with the Americans in 2017.

The British were not accustomed to this type of film, they were convinced of the long and precious friendship with which he had Bandy. “I wouldn’t agree to make this documentary, word I hate by the way with anyone else“.

Appreciation Certificate Manly… masculine He answered cunningly. “This is not a love letterIt’s also possible to bring out the dark spots in his personality,” he said.

Pending his first appearance on television, the former owner of the Great Circus will have to respond to an English tax evasion court for not declaring the £400m being held in Singapore.

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