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The YogurtIt is a very popular and healthy food, it is derived from milk as many know it through fermentation, which is achieved thanks to some (good) bacteria capable of converting lactose into lactic acid. proces fermentationmust comply with European legislation, which states that only bacteria such as Lactobacillus bulgaric and here streptococcus definitive. In general, yogurt is a healthy, nutritious food that is rich in beneficial properties for our body, and in fact the bacteria it contains are very beneficial for the proper functioning of the body. Intestinal germs from our bodies.

But have we ever wondered what we face if we eat yogurt every day? It is just a good habit or it can also have risks for health? Let’s see precisely what it entails. What is the optimal amount of Yogurt that we can consume daily? Many people have the habit of starting their day with yogurt, which can also be accompanied by dried fruit or red fruits.

You don’t have to get rid of this habit completely, in fact, the recommended dose of yogurt is one portion per day, which corresponds to about 125 grams in a day. Warning: This value must be doubled for all materials that you do not take milk. What are the nutrients in yogurt? This food is really excellent nutritionally. In fact, it is not only packed with Proteins and vitamins, but we also find various mineral salts, such as footballphosphorous, potassium, zinc, selenium, and finally magnesium.

On the contrary, it is poor in ironIn short, all the minerals found naturally in milk. As mentioned earlier, yogurt also contains vitaminsWhich differ according to the taste of the product (orange, apple, pear). All this makes it Yogurt Really healthy food for us bodyIn fact, its proteins have proven to be beneficial for the proper operation of all functional processes in our bodies, from the heart muscle to immune defense.

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Moreover, some recent research shows that it can significantly increase the feeling of satiety, in fact all nutrition experts highly recommend it Low calorie diets. Finally, we certainly can’t help but mention Benefits I probiotics present in it. The latter has proven to be very useful in relieving inflammatory reactions, as it is able to favor the diffusion in the body of certain cytokines, which are excellent for counteracting symptoms. Allergy and intestinal disorders.

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